The Studio
Rates Prize Beagle Recording

The Studio

Prize Beagle Recording is a full service recording studio offering recording, editing and mixing services nestled into an intimate 360 sq foot space. By marrying a Studer A80 with a Pro Tools TDM system the Beagle can provide a warm sonic environment that takes full advantage of modern editing capabilities. This flexible system is well suited to independant artists and home recordists.

Studio Gear

Studer A80 1" 8-track analog recorder
Pro Tools Mix|Plus 32 input/18 output
Tascam DA-38, DA-88 DTRS recorders

JBL 4328p
Shitty Bookshelf Stereo

Blue Baby Bottle
Shure SM7
AKG C1000S (2)
MXL 665
No-name "Pabst Blue" Ribbon Mic
Realistic PZM
Rode NT1
Sennheiser e835 (3)
Shure 55S (the Elvis mic)
Shure Beta 52
Stapes SDC (2)
Studio Projects C3
Assorted 'effect' mics

Yamaha REV7
ART ProVerb
Eventide JJ193 (from NASA!)
Ibanez Analog Multi Effects
Tel-Ray Adineko oil can delay
Assorted Guitar Pedals

Studiomaster Mixdown Classic 8
24 channel, 8 bus, 8 aux
40 channels at mixdown
Modified w/ Burr-Brown OpAmps
on 16 of 24 channels.

Mic Pres
hhb Radius-10
Studio Projects SP828

dbx 163 (2)
FMR Really Nice Compressor
Symmetrix 525 (2x2)
Rane Stereo 15-band graphic EQ
Aphex-104 Aural Exciter Type C2

1964 Slingerland 3 pc kit
24" Kick, 12" Tom, 16" Floor
14" Slingerland Gene Krupa Snare
14" Ludwig Acrolite Snare
Zildjian and Paiste cymbals

50's Gibson LG0 Acoustic Guitar
'81  Squier Jazz Bass
Epiphone Dot Guitar
MicroKorg synthesizer w/ Vocoder

Other Nonsense
Roland Rhythm Selector drum machine
Stylophone eceltrinic instrument
80s Electronic handheld games
Sony personal cassette recorder
Assorted percussion instruments

The Original Prize Beagle

Benscreek Nifty King was born in 1963 and became an AKC National Champion 13-Inch Beagle at the age of five. Along the way he won a number of regional awards in Pennsylvania in the 60s before retiring to become the stud he always knew he was. His mother was the excellently named FC Chippewa Sally and his father was FC West Pike Nifty (FC stands for Field Champion, an official AKC designation). King was raised by my great-grandfather, Howard Horner, a remarkable guy that lived to be 102 and was lucid until the day he departed. The studio name is also a tribute to him. I never met King, but I did get to play with his daughter Lucy when I was growing up.

Here's a picture of Howard and King and some of the many awards they won together. I have some of these trophies in the studio to remind me of them.

There's also the subject of the black velvet painting collection. I have over 85 portraits of Snoopy committed to the classy medium of black velvet. This takes a little explaining that's best left to a face to face meeting over a few drinks, but you can see them here.